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Individual & Family Counseling in Staten Island, New York

Our therapists at Counseling Associates in Staten Island, New York, help you relate better to others with individual and family counseling.

Individual Psychotherapy

Set goals on how to make improvements in your life, how to view yourself in your environment, and how to act in your environment with assistance from our therapists. This therapeutic approach is designed to help patients handle life's uncertainties. We treat:

Kids, Individual Counseling in Staten Island, NY
• Anxiety
• Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
• Chronic Worry
• Panic Attacks
• Fears & Phobias
• Social Anxiety
• Depression
• Loss of Employment
• Insomnia

Family Therapy

Family therapy deals with conflict, parenting issues, conflicting values, and blended family problems. It is available for individuals, parents or children, groups, and the entire family.

With early treatment and crisis intervention, we assist in resolving problems and reducing symptoms. Our goal is to support a patient's life challenges, such as:

• Family Conflict
• Divorce & Separation
• Child Behavioral Problems • Alcohol or Drug Use

Contact us in Staten Island, New York, to schedule an appointment for guidance on how to restore stability to your family.